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Major Nathan T. Post of VMF-221 “Fighting Falcons”, April 28th 1943

Grumman Hellcat Getting Ready for a Strike on Formosa, 1944

Lieutenant Commander Joseph C. Clifton and VF-12 Pilots, 1943

Captain Richard Lane Braun of VMF-215 “The Fighting Corsairs”, 1944

VS-70 OS2U Kingfisher Crews, 1943

USMC 4th MAW Corsairs, Marshall Islands, September 19th 1944

Captain Francis E. Pierce Jr of VMF-212, Guadalcanal, 1943

VT-80 Pilot Lieutenant J. M. Stubblebine Boarding a TBM, 1944

Marine Corps Bombardier and Air Gunners School at MCAS El Centro, 1943

VA-23 Pilots with there FJ-4B Fury, 1959

Second Lieutenant William Perry Brown Jr. of VMF-311, Okinawa, 1945

Group of VT-32 Gunners and Radio Operators, Charlestown RI, 1943

First Lieutenant James N. Cupp of VMF-213, Guadalcanal, 1943

‘SCRATCH 1 JAP BETTY’ USS Saratoga CV 3, 1944

Lt (JG) Norbert H. Navarre F2H Banshee Pilot of VF-12 “Flying Ubangis”, 1953

First Lieutenant Eugene Dillow of VMF-221, Russell Islands, July 4th 1943

Lt (JG) John H. Cantrell & Lt John L. Carter in Ready Room, November 1944

USN Pilot Training Group, May 18th 1953

Ensign R.K. Rountree a TBF Pilot, April 1944


“Rinso Five” of VF-32, USS Langley, July 1944

Captain Harold L. Spears of VMF-215 “The Fighting Corsairs”, 1944

Naval Aviator Bill Daniels with his Grumman F8F Bearcat

Second Lieutenant Stuart C Alley Jr. of VMF-323 ‘Death Rattlers’, Okinawa 1945

Grumman Female Test Pilots, 1943


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