AD-2 Skyraider ‘Betty Lou’, USS Essex, Korea, January 1952


Marine F9F Panther Pilots MSgts Bob Lurie, Sam Dobbins & Leo Geant, 1954

Merry Christmas All !

Grumman F9F Panther Pilot Lieutenant George LeRoy Wineriter, Korea

VF-792 Pilots at Naval Air Station Memphis, Tennessee, 1954

VC-61 F9F Panther Pilots, USS Boxer, Korea, 1950

Lt. Cdr. John “Johnny” J. Magda, Blue Angels Pilots, December 1949

Lieut R.L. Longworth Jr, Blue Angel Pilot, 1949

Capt. Ritchie, Lovette, Lt Davis, & Maj. Walley of VMF-311, Korea, 10th March 1953

Blue Angels Pilots, Whiting Field Florida, December 1949

VMF-311 Grumman F9F Panther Pilot, Korea 1953

VMF-311 Panther Pilots, Korea, 10th March 1953

VF-51 on USS Essex, Korea, January 1952

Blue Angels Panther Pilots, December 1952

LCDR Dusty Rhoades & LCDR John “Johnny” J. Magda Blue Angels Pilots, Dec 1949


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