USMC McDonnell F2H-2P Banshee Pilots of VMJ-1, Korea, 1953



Unknown VT-15 TBM Pilot, 1944-45



Ltn Robert Blake Aviation Cadet USNR, October 1943


Naval Aviation Cadet Ray G. Tim Hubbard at NAAS Corry Field, FL


Captain Bernard H. Williams Corsair Pilot of VMF-323, USS Sicily, 1951


Jet Training, Ltn. Wallace F. Flitter, March 1960

AD-2 Skyraider Pilot Lt Rex Bozarth of VMF-121, K-6 Airfield at Pyongtaek, 1952


Wilfred L. Parry, Los Alamitos, Calif, July 6th 1943

USMC Pilots of VMF-312 & VMF-323 Get Introduction to F-9F Cougar

VC-93 Crew H Foster (Pilot), S Orlowski (Gunner) & ARM/1c Roger W. Goodwin, 1945

2nd Lt Clifford E. Stalls, USMC Corsair Pilot, 1944

Lt. John R. Borum USNR, Pasco Washington, 1945

The Burton Island Helicopter Crew, February 1953

‘Flying Peon’ Master Sergeant Harold C. ‘Woody’ Woodring, F8U-1 Crusader Pilot

Torpedo Squadron VT-10 Crew, Gruebel, Nelson, and Livingston, USS Enterprise 1944

Corsair’s of VF-114 “Executioners”, USS Philippine Sea, 1950

‘JUD’ SBD-5 Pilot of VMSB-231 ‘Ace of Spades’, Marshall Islands, 1944

VMF-112 ‘Wolfpack’ Pilot Lt. Jimmy Johnson, Guadalcanal, 1943

FM-2 Wildcat Pilot Ensign Harold R. Truesdale, 1945

AD-2 Skyraider ‘Betty Lou’, USS Essex, Korea, January 1952


VMF-112 ‘Wolfpack’ Wildcat Pilot 2nd Lt Otto Seifert, Guadalcanal, 1942

VMF-123 US Marine Corps Reserve F9F Cougar Pilot’s, Los Alamitos , 1956

VMF-422 ‘Flying Buccaneers’ Pilot Elrid Spinas with his F4U Corsair “Miss Opal”, 1945

FJ-1 Pilot LCDR Donald “Flash” Gordon of VF-5A (VF-51), NAS San Diego, 1948


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