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Navy Pilot Boone T. Guyton of VB-2 at NAS North Island, May 20, 1937

OS2U Vought Kingfisher, Atlantic Convoy, 1942

First Lieutenant William L. Hood of VMF-323, Corsair Pilot at Okinawa, Japan 1945

VT-20 Crew, ARM 1/c W. A. Mitts, Lt J. R. Manown Jr. and AOM 1/c A. Dipetta, 1944


Blue Angel Pilots and their F8F Bearcat, 1947


‘RUBY’, USMC SBD Pilot, Midway Island, September 20th 1942

Ryan FR-1 Fireball of VF-66, 1945

Corsair Pilot 2nd Lt. Frank E. Petersen of VMF-212 “Devilcats”, Korea, April 19, 1953