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Aircraft Carrier Ready Room, Pilots Preparing for a Mission, 1944

LT(JG) Cauble of VF-19 in his Grumman F8F-1 Bearcat, 1945

Lt. Cmdr. C. W. Rinehart’s PB4Y Privateer Crew of VP-118 “The Old Crows”, 1945

Captain William E Crowe of VMF-124, 15th October 1943

PBY Catalina, Aleutian Islands, 1943

Lt (JG) Tom ‘TK’ Killefer of VF-17 after Force Landing, Nissan Island, March 1944


Commander Joseph C. Clifton In the Cockpit of an F7F Tigercat, 1944

VF-792 Pilots at Naval Air Station Memphis, Tennessee, 1954

LT E.H. Voorhees and Crew, PB4Y-1P Liberators of Photographic Squadron VD-1


Major Jack E. Conger of VMF-114 “Death Dealers”, Peleliu Island, 1944

Navy Fliers Await Their Next Mission, Ready Room Task Force 58, Marianas, 1944

Ensign Morris C. Ward USNR of VF-6, USS Hancock, 1945

F2H Banshee Pilots of VF-11 “Red Rippers”, USS ESSEX, 1958