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First Lieutenant Frank C. “Red” Thomas of VMF-112, 1944

PBY at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas, 1942

PBY Catalina Crew, Aleutian Islands, 1943

SBD Dive Bomber Training, December 1942

Lt (JG) Norbert H. Navarre F2H Banshee Pilot of VF-12 “Flying Ubangis”, 1953

Testing New Fire Proof Fuel Tank in Helldiver, June 6th 1949


F3D Skyknight Pilot of VMF(N)-513 “Flying Nightmares” at Pyungtaek, 1953


F6F-3 Hellcat flown by Commander Joseph C. Clifton of VF-12, Saratoga, 1944

Marine Corps Bombardier and Air Gunners School at MCAS El Centro, 1943

North American AJ Savage Crew, 1950’s

Captain Lewis with PBY Catalina, Aleutian Islands, 1943

End of the Line!