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Unknown F6F Hellcat Pilot, 1945

XFD-1 Phantom Lt. Comdr. J. J. Davidson, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, 22nd July 1946

FJ-1 Fury Pilot CDR Evan Peter Aurand of VF-5A, Bendix Trophy Race, 4th Sept 1948

Lt Horatio Gates “Bud” Sickel & Pilots of VF-5A, FJ-1 Fury, NAS San Diego, March 1948

F9F-6 Cougar Pilot Capt. J.C. Jensen of VMF 112 Marine Reserves, Training, 1958

F4F Wildcat Pilot Ensign Donald “Flash” Gordon of VF-10 “Grim Reapers”, 1942

LCDR Robert M. “Bob” Elder FJ-1 Fury Pilot of VF-5A (VF-51), NAS San Diego, 1948

Capt. Richard Britson F-6F Hellcat Pilot, 1944

M/Sgt Charles K. Holton, 2nd Lt R.A. Lowe & Capt R. Lewis with AD-5 Skyraider, 1954

CDR J. Kennedy Jr. and LT Meredith Nicholson coming out of an AJ-2P