FJ-1 Pilot LCDR Donald “Flash” Gordon of VF-5A (VF-51), NAS San Diego, 1948

“Annie-Mo” F4U-5N Corsair Pilot Lt Guy Bordelon of VC-3, 1953

F4F Wildcat Pilot Ensign Donald “Flash” Gordon of VF-10 “Grim Reapers”, 1942

F2H-1 Banshee Pilot Lt. Dean S. Laird of VF-171, National Air Races, 3rd Sept 1949

F4F Wildcat Pilot, First Lieutenant Jefferson Joseph DeBlanc of VMF-112

1LT Lieutenant Albert Edward Hacking of VMF-221, San Diego, 19th April 1943

First Lieutenant Frank C. “Red” Thomas of VMF-112, 1944

End of the Line!

Captain William E Crowe of VMF-124, 15th October 1943

Lt (JG) Tom ‘TK’ Killefer of VF-17 after Force Landing, Nissan Island, March 1944