Unknown VT-15 TBM Pilot, 1944-45


AD-2 Skyraider Pilot Lt Rex Bozarth of VMF-121, K-6 Airfield at Pyongtaek, 1952


VC-93 Crew H Foster (Pilot), S Orlowski (Gunner) & ARM/1c Roger W. Goodwin, 1945

SBD-5 of VB-6, USS Intrepid, 1944

‘JUD’ SBD-5 Pilot of VMSB-231 ‘Ace of Spades’, Marshall Islands, 1944

AD-2 Skyraider ‘Betty Lou’, USS Essex, Korea, January 1952


“The Whale” Navy Crew Pick Up New A3D Skywarrior, Edwards AFB, September 1955

M/Sgt Charles K. Holton, 2nd Lt R.A. Lowe & Capt R. Lewis with AD-5 Skyraider, 1954

TBF Pilot Lt Chuck Anderson and Crew, VC-7, USS Manila Bay

PB4Y Pin-Up Painted by Sgt. J.S. Wilson, Eniwetok, June 1944

ARM1 Alva Parker SBD Gunner of VB-12, USS Saratoga, 5th Nov 1943

USS Yorktown Ready Room, SBD Pilots Return From Attack on Wake, Oct 1943

VMSB-231 SBD Pilot, Captain John F. Adams at Majuro Atoll, 1944

TBF Pilots, “Flight 384”, 1945

VB-75 Pilots and Crew, 1945

‘Buzzard Brigade’ Pilots and Aircrewmen of Torpedo Squadron VT-10, Maui, 1943

VT-10 Crew of Wiliams, Lt CMDR William Martin, & Hargrove, USS Enterprise, 1944

Ensign Smth and Lt CMDR Thomas F. Connolly, Fleet Air Wing (FAW) 2, January 1944

Lieutenant Commander Richard Upson TBF Pilot of VT-5 ‘Torpcats’

Lt John Chambers and Torpedo Flight “8”, Fort Lauderdale, 1st October 1943

VB-75 ‘Vee Bee’s’ Pilots and Crew, 1945

Testing New Fire Proof Fuel Tank in Helldiver, June 6th 1949


Marine Corps Bombardier and Air Gunners School at MCAS El Centro, 1943

North American AJ Savage Crew, 1950’s