Unknown VT-15 TBM Pilot, 1944-45


AD-2 Skyraider Pilot Lt Rex Bozarth of VMF-121, K-6 Airfield at Pyongtaek, 1952


VC-93 Crew H Foster (Pilot), S Orlowski (Gunner) & ARM/1c Roger W. Goodwin, 1945

SBD-5 of VB-6, USS Intrepid, 1944

‘JUD’ SBD-5 Pilot of VMSB-231 ‘Ace of Spades’, Marshall Islands, 1944

AD-2 Skyraider ‘Betty Lou’, USS Essex, Korea, January 1952


“The Whale” Navy Crew Pick Up New A3D Skywarrior, Edwards AFB, September 1955

M/Sgt Charles K. Holton, 2nd Lt R.A. Lowe & Capt R. Lewis with AD-5 Skyraider, 1954

TBF Pilot Lt Chuck Anderson and Crew, VC-7, USS Manila Bay

PB4Y Pin-Up Painted by Sgt. J.S. Wilson, Eniwetok, June 1944