Unknown VT-15 TBM Pilot, 1944-45


AD-2 Skyraider Pilot Lt Rex Bozarth of VMF-121, K-6 Airfield at Pyongtaek, 1952


Wilfred L. Parry, Los Alamitos, Calif, July 6th 1943

USMC Pilots of VMF-312 & VMF-323 Get Introduction to F-9F Cougar

Navy Interpretation Squadron, Photointerpretation Squadron

VC-93 Crew H Foster (Pilot), S Orlowski (Gunner) & ARM/1c Roger W. Goodwin, 1945

The Burton Island Helicopter Crew, February 1953

‘Flying Peons’ Marine M/Sgt Pilots Wallace ‘Tex’ Cavett & Andrew T. Taylor, April 1954

TBF Pilot Lt Chuck Anderson and Crew, VC-7, USS Manila Bay

ARM1 Alva Parker SBD Gunner of VB-12, USS Saratoga, 5th Nov 1943

Hellcat Navy Pilots, USS Yorktown CV-10, October 1943

Grumman F9F Panther Pilot Lieutenant George LeRoy Wineriter, Korea

Navy Pilots with Ryan Navion Model 12, 1950

OS2U Kingfisher Pilot Ensign Charles L. Dugger of VS-70, Alaska, 1944

USCG Pilots from NAS San Diego and a Rescued USN Crew, 1950’s

VB-75 Pilots and Crew, 1945

OS2U Kingfisher Pilot Lieutenant Raymond F. Compton of VS-70, Alaska, 1944

F4F Wildcat Pilot, First Lieutenant Jefferson Joseph DeBlanc of VMF-112

Ensign Smth and Lt CMDR Thomas F. Connolly, Fleet Air Wing (FAW) 2, January 1944

Lt John Chambers and Torpedo Flight “8”, Fort Lauderdale, 1st October 1943

F3D Skyknight Pilot of VMF(N)-513 “Flying Nightmares” at Pyungtaek, 1953


Marine Corps Bombardier and Air Gunners School at MCAS El Centro, 1943

Captain Lewis with PBY Catalina, Aleutian Islands, 1943

Lt. Cmdr. C. W. Rinehart’s PB4Y Privateer Crew of VP-118 “The Old Crows”, 1945