CDR J. Kennedy Jr. and LT Meredith Nicholson coming out of an AJ-2P

PB4Y Pin-Up Painted by Sgt. J.S. Wilson, Eniwetok, June 1944

OS2U Kingfisher Pilot Ensign Charles L. Dugger of VS-70, Alaska, 1944

USCG Pilots from NAS San Diego and a Rescued USN Crew, 1950’s

OS2U Kingfisher Pilot Lieutenant Raymond F. Compton of VS-70, Alaska, 1944

OS2U Kingfisher Pilot Lieutenant (jg) William F. Dau of VS-70, Alaska, 1944

Ensign Smth and Lt CMDR Thomas F. Connolly, Fleet Air Wing (FAW) 2, January 1944

PBY at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas, 1942

PBY Catalina Crew, Aleutian Islands, 1943

Captain Lewis with PBY Catalina, Aleutian Islands, 1943