Post War


Naval Aviation Cadet Ray G. Tim Hubbard at NAAS Corry Field, FL


Captain Bernard H. Williams Corsair Pilot of VMF-323, USS Sicily, 1951


Jet Training, Ltn. Wallace F. Flitter, March 1960

The Burton Island Helicopter Crew, February 1953

‘Flying Peon’ Master Sergeant Harold C. ‘Woody’ Woodring, F8U-1 Crusader Pilot

Corsair’s of VF-114 “Executioners”, USS Philippine Sea, 1950

VMF-123 US Marine Corps Reserve F9F Cougar Pilot’s, Los Alamitos , 1956

“Annie-Mo” F4U-5N Corsair Pilot Lt Guy Bordelon of VC-3, 1953

VMF-123 US Marine Corps Reserve F9F Cougar Pilot’s, Los Alamitos , 1956

US Marine Corps Reserve F4U Corsair Pilot, Los Alamitos , 1950’s

Lt Gordon L. “Gordo” Gray & A4D-1, 500 km Closed-Course Speed Record, Oct 1955

North American AJ-2 Savage, with Pilot Lieutenant Joseph F. Walters, Dayton

“The Whale” Navy Crew Pick Up New A3D Skywarrior, Edwards AFB, September 1955

FJ-1 Fury Pilot CDR Evan Peter Aurand of VF-5A, Bendix Trophy Race, 4th Sept 1948

Lt Horatio Gates “Bud” Sickel & Pilots of VF-5A, FJ-1 Fury, NAS San Diego, March 1948

F9F-6 Cougar Pilot Capt. J.C. Jensen of VMF 112 Marine Reserves, Training, 1958

LCDR Robert M. “Bob” Elder FJ-1 Fury Pilot of VF-5A (VF-51), NAS San Diego, 1948

M/Sgt Charles K. Holton, 2nd Lt R.A. Lowe & Capt R. Lewis with AD-5 Skyraider, 1954

CDR J. Kennedy Jr. and LT Meredith Nicholson coming out of an AJ-2P

‘Flying Peons’ Marine M/Sgt Pilots Wallace ‘Tex’ Cavett & Andrew T. Taylor, April 1954

F2H-1 Banshee Pilot Lt. Dean S. Laird of VF-171, National Air Races, 3rd Sept 1949

Lt. Commander Frank Graham of Blue Angels, in TV-2 Shooting Star, 1952

MAG-12 Headquarters Squadron F4U-5P Corsair, Korea, 1952

Marine F9F Panther Pilots MSgts Bob Lurie, Sam Dobbins & Leo Geant, 1954