Naval Aviation Cadet Ray G. Tim Hubbard at NAAS Corry Field, FL


Jet Training, Ltn. Wallace F. Flitter, March 1960

Wilfred L. Parry, Los Alamitos, Calif, July 6th 1943

F9F-6 Cougar Pilot Capt. J.C. Jensen of VMF 112 Marine Reserves, Training, 1958

M/Sgt Charles K. Holton, 2nd Lt R.A. Lowe & Capt R. Lewis with AD-5 Skyraider, 1954

‘Flying Peons’ Marine M/Sgt Pilots Wallace ‘Tex’ Cavett & Andrew T. Taylor, April 1954

North American Aviation Test Pilot Bob Hoover with the Company’s First T-28B

TBF Pilots, “Flight 384”, 1945

VB-75 Pilots and Crew, 1945

Lt. Lasley Kirk Lacewell, 1950’s

TBF Pilots, Lt John Chambers and other “Flight 380 Officers”, 26th March 1945

Lieutenant Commander Joseph C. Clifton of VF-12 Pilot, 1943

Lt John Chambers and Torpedo Flight “8”, Fort Lauderdale, 1st October 1943

PBY at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas, 1942

SBD Dive Bomber Training, December 1942

Marine Corps Bombardier and Air Gunners School at MCAS El Centro, 1943

Marine Corps Bombardier and Air Gunners School at MCAS El Centro, 1943

Group of VT-32 Gunners and Radio Operators, Charlestown RI, 1943

USN Pilot Training Group, May 18th 1953

VMSB-243 SBD Training, Johnston Island, 1943

Pilot Refresher Training Unit Students and Instructors, NAS Grosse Ile, Michigan, 1950

OS2U Kingfisher Pilot Lieut(JG) Vincent G. Quillen USNR of VS-70, 1943

Av. Cadet Thanas at the Naval Air Base, Corpus Christi, August 1942

Aviation Cadet William H. Balden and SNC Trainer at Lambert Field, Missouri, 1942