FM-2 Wildcat Pilot Ensign Harold R. Truesdale, 1945

VMF-112 ‘Wolfpack’ Wildcat Pilot 2nd Lt Otto Seifert, Guadalcanal, 1942

F4F Wildcat Pilot Ensign Donald “Flash” Gordon of VF-10 “Grim Reapers”, 1942

F4F Wildcat Pilot, First Lieutenant Jefferson Joseph DeBlanc of VMF-112

Ensign R.K. Rountree a TBF Pilot, April 1944


LCDR John S. Thach and VF-3 Pilots Examine a Map at NAS Kaneohe, Hawaii, 1942

Carrier, September 1942

Lt. Edward “Butch” O’Hare & Lieutenant Commander Thach of VF-3, April 1942

Major Edmund F. Overend of VMF-321, San Diego California, 1945